CES 2024: Honda 0 Series Saloon Concept Previews Future Flagship Electric Sedan

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January 10, 2024, Tokyo, Japan – Honda today presented the “Honda 0 Series,” a new electric vehicle line that will go on sale worldwide in 2026. The world premiere of the Saloon and Space-Hub concept models will take place at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. Additionally, Honda unveiled the new H mark, which will only be used on their next electric vehicle models.

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  1. The upcoming flagship electric vehicle, the Honda 0 Series Saloon, is a preview of the future.
  2. The first 0 Series model will go on sale worldwide in 2026.
  3. will have ADAS functionality at Level 3.

Honda’s global brand slogan, “The Power of Dreams – How We Move You,” has guided company operations. The meaning behind this tagline is that Honda will provide mobility-related goods and services that let individuals “augment their abilities and possibilities” and “transcend various constraints such as time and place.” With the help of these mobility goods and services, Honda will help more people fulfill their aspirations and take the lead in advancing society.

In addition, Honda wants to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its goods and business endeavors by the year 2050. The corporation is pursuing electrification to meet its goal of “increasing the ratio of EV and FCEV sales to 100% globally by 2040” related to automotive electrification.


The Honda 0 Series is a new range of electric vehicles that represents Honda’s significant transition through its electrification policy and global brand slogan. The series name symbolizes Honda’s resolve to take on the task of creating new EV models by going back to the company’s inception as a manufacturer and building entirely new EVs from “zero.” Honda hopes to further develop its “M/M concept*1” and the “joy of driving,” which are important to the company when creating cars, as well as elevate the “joy and freedom of mobility” with this new EV series.

Beginning with North America and moving on to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America, Honda will launch the first model of the Honda 0 Series worldwide in 2026.



Honda Saloon EV concept exterior design interior

Two concepts for this new family were unveiled by Honda at the event: the bigger Space-Hub, a people-mover with an emphasis on the versatility that combines features of MPVs and SUVs, and the sleek, low-slung flagship known simply as the Saloon. Though a smaller, similarly designed SUV is on the way as part of the 0 Series, which operates on similar principles, the Space Hub concept has not been confirmed for production.

While some of the more bizarre elements of the concept, such as the gullwing doors, would be removed for production, designer Toshinobu Minami stated that the Saloon will “90 percent keep this appearance.” Honda’s goal for “lower and wider vehicles” is the source of its rakish appearance, according to Minami, but the vehicle was not intended to be a specialist sports electric vehicle to compete with cars like the Porsche Taycan.

He claimed that Honda is currently assessing “what would be good to display” but that the high-definition digital display on the front end might eventually find its way into dealerships. In place of a number or alphabetical identification like e: NY1, it might potentially take an actual name into production.

With its wedge-shaped design, bluff rear end, and pixel-style LED headlamps, Minami was eager to refute any notion that Honda was inspired by any previous vehicles while developing the Saloon idea. The “ultimate functional beauty” is what he called the design language’s foundation. “We’re not particularly aiming for this shape,” he continued, “but we’re trying to create the shape of the function while making it emotional.”

Minami claimed that the interior is “more show car” even if the outside is almost ready for dealerships. There will soon be an unveiling of the final cockpit design. Although the ideas aren’t intended to serve as direct replacements for any current Honda models, the production vehicles they serve as an inspiration for will be the mainstay of Honda’s electric vehicle lineup worldwide.


Honda Saloon EV concept battery aerodynamic efficiency

Honda introduced a new philosophy that forms the basis of its product development strategy: “Thin, light, and wise.” However, it did not go into specifics about how it would lower the size and weight of these new EVs. Under this name, it will use a new “thin” EV platform that is unrelated to its current architecture and lowers the floor thickness to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, an endeavor best demonstrated by the ultra-sleek Saloon concept.

With a greater range of over 483 kilometers and a smaller footprint, the battery packs of the future will be lighter and denser than the ones currently in use. It will take them 10 to 15 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent of their capacity. Though not many technical details have been made public, each 0 Series car will be powered by e-axles, which are units that include motors, inverters, and gearboxes, and have “excellent power conversion efficiency and packaging.

Honda hopes that after ten years of operation, its batteries will still have more than 90 percent useful capacity thanks to new battery management software that was created using lessons learned from the more than one million electrified Hondas presently on the road.

An automated driving system that expands upon the Level 3 Sensing capabilities already available on the Legend sedan in the US will be standard on all 0 Series vehicles. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) will be used by the new system, which is presently under development, to improve its decision-making skills and deliver more human-like replies, according to Honda.


New Approach Thin Light and Wise

Honda’s 0 series EV concept models now adopt a new thin, light, and sensible design philosophy. The manufacturer has prioritized a road-hugging design with enhanced aerodynamics for Thin.

Honda’s Light model has dispelled EV stereotypes by offering superior electricity and battery capacity.

Furthermore, according to Wise, networked cars favor people over robots.

About Honda 0 Series

History of Honda The origin and starting zero point of Honda

By returning to Honda’s roots, the company will establish a new center of excellence for the upcoming generation of vehicles. These roots include the pursuit of the M/M idea, the joy of driving, and the freedom of mobility—all of which Honda has always prized and will continue to seek.

Implementation of the Global Brand Slogan Moving peoples’ hearts with the value created from “zero”

Honda will always be motivated by “dreams,” and by generating new value from scratch through innovative thinking, the company will offer experiences that will serve as a fresh beginning point for its clients. This is in line with its worldwide brand motto, “The Power of Dreams – How we move you.” This is how Honda will touch people’s emotions.

Initiatives to contribute to society Determination to achieve “zero”

Honda is committed to achieving “zero environmental impact” in all aspects of the vehicle’s life cycle, including business operations, and “zero traffic collision fatalities” involving its cars and motorcycles.


Honda’s EV Plan for India

In addition to the concepts displayed at CES, Honda is developing the Honda ACE EV, an electrified vehicle based on Elevate, for India and other emerging countries. First available for purchase in India, this new SUV will also be sold in other countries.



Q: How much is the Honda EV concept?

ANS-Rs. 18.00 Lakh in India.

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