Best electric scooters in India: Cut down on fuel with top 10 picks


The best electric scooters available in India: Choose an electric scooter for your everyday commute that has a large range, gorgeous styling, and rapid charging capabilities. For the younger generation seeking an environmentally responsible and convenient mode of transportation, electric scooters are quickly taking the lead. Sales have increased over the past few years as a result of government subsidies for consumer purchases. This article aims to assist you in finding the finest electric scooter in India that suits your budget while offering a ton of unique features.

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We examine the electric scooters that are offered in India in more detail, taking into account everything from their sophisticated battery technology to their svelte designs. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the top electric scooters that will not only meet your technological needs but also enable you to make financial savings on your daily commute.

Fuel cost savings is also a significant benefit. In addition to reducing pollution, electric scooters can save you a significant amount of money on fuel. The financial benefit of electric scooters becomes even more alluring to astute customers as fuel costs continue to rise.

Additionally, there is now a greater variety of options available from other manufacturers. To attract customers, not only Indian but also certain foreign firms are launching their products in India. This makes it challenging to locate a high-quality electric scooter that is both reasonably priced and has the greatest features.

3.Chetak Urbane 2024 Electric Scooter by Bajaj Auto

The stylish and technologically advanced Chetak Urbane 2024 Electric Scooter is now available from Bajaj Auto. It has hassle-free charging, a thud-proof steel unibody design with IP67 water resistance, and stress-proof features like key FOB, Bluetooth connectivity, and app-controlled functions. It has a range of 113 km on a single charge and a peak speed of 63 mph. Higher speed settings and advanced analytics are among the extra capabilities offered by the TecPac option, which has a trial period that begins when it is purchased.

2. Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX Galactic Grey

With features including three drive modes, 22 liters of storage, more legroom, a portable battery pack, a USB charging outlet, reverse mode, and a side stand sensor, the Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX in Galactic Grey provides a smooth ride. Only the ex-showroom price is covered by purchases made on Amazon; value-added services, insurance, RTO fees, and accessories are extra. Additional fees apply for special registration, and in-store car collection is necessary. Verify card limitations to ensure seamless payments. Except for components marked as out of warranty, wear and tear items, and those requiring regular maintenance, the 3-year/30,000 km guarantee covers all parts.

3. EOX E1 Electric Scooter

The 250W BLDC engine of the EOX E1 Electric Scooter has an 80 km range on a single charge, making it an eco-friendly mode of transportation. This environmentally friendly scooter has a speed of 25 km/h, DLR lights, and a high-resolution display. It is powered by a 28AH 72V lead acid battery. Featuring a sturdy 180kg payload capacity and a 755mm seat height, it guarantees a pleasant and adaptable ride. Its functions are made more convenient by the auto-cut charging technology.

4. Yugbike Electric Scooter with Steel Guard

The Yugbike Electric Scooter is a sustainable and convenient vehicle, with a 50 km range from its 60V Lead Acid Battery. It has a 5-star safety rating, a single-disc brake, and reverse functionality without requiring an RTO license to operate. The scooter is efficient and versatile, with a powerful BLDC hub motor and three modes. The Front Disc Brake and overtaking modes provide dependable braking, while the Remote Key and Anti-Theft Alarm improve security. It is an environmentally responsible option for urban travel because it only uses one unit of power for every charge and recharges in five to six hours.

5. Okaya FREEDUM Electric Scooter

For those who like urban transportation, the Okaya FREEDUM Electric Scooter combines cutting-edge technologies and a stylish appearance. The scooter has a strong <250W BLDC motor that is waterproof and energy-efficient, with a range of 70-75 km on a single charge. Fast charging is supported by the Li Ion-Lfp battery, which takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. The riding experience is improved with the tubeless tires, digital dashboard, and remote key lock/unlock feature. Drum brakes on the front and back, LED lighting, and a strong suspension system all emphasize safety. Reverse and parking modes are convenient ways to secure your vehicle.


6. Ather 450X Gen 4

Introducing the state-of-the-art 2-wheeled electric scooter, the Ather 450X Gen 4, which is powered by a 3.7kWh Lithium Ion battery and has a certified range of 150 km. When buying something from Amazon, the advertised price only includes the ex-showroom cost; you will also need to pay the dealer directly for value-added services, insurance, and any required RTO fees. The Ather 450X Gen 4’s sophisticated design and cutting-edge battery technology make it a competitive competitor in the electric scooter industry.

7. Flex by Kinetic Green Electric Scooter

With a peak speed of 72 mph, the Flex by Kinetic Green Electric Scooter has an amazing 120 km range on a single charge. Conveniently, the elegant Pearl White design includes a portable charger. The trip meter, battery levels, part failure, and other real-time information are all available on the Smart Multi-Colour Digital Display. A feature that enhances security is the Anti-Theft Alarm Port. With alloy wheels and a telescopic front supplemented by a hydraulic damper at the back, you can ride comfortably. Thanks to removable lithium-ion batteries that charge in 3–4 hours, the Ride-Home mode provides worry-free returns even when empty.

8. Wroley 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter

Introducing the Wroley 2-wheeled Electric Scooter, capable of longer rides thanks to its strong 60V/30Ah Lithium-ion battery. The elegant Platina model comes in a sleek Red color option and measures 1820 * 730 * 1150 mm. Fast charging is supported by the scooter, guaranteeing effective and speedy power replenishment. Pick between the chic shades of blue, red, or black. With the Wroley 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter, convenience and innovation combine to provide eco-friendly transportation.

9. EOX Delivery Electric Scooter

With its 60V 28Ah Lead Acid Battery, the EOX Delivery Electric Scooter is a potent option for long-distance deliveries, with an astonishing range of 80 km on a single full charge. It blends economy and comfort with a hydraulic suspension system, a sleek LED display, and a peak speed of 25 km/h. With its 10-inch tires and modest 5-hour charge time, it’s the perfect option for delivery workers looking for a smooth ride with minimum downtime.

10. Dolphin Electric Scooter Keagle

Presenting the Dolphin Electric Scooter Keagle, a premium, non-RTO vehicle with a quick peak speed of 60 kmph and an amazing 120 km range on a single charge. This stylish white scooter has a single disc brake, reverse functionality, and a simple remote key with an anti-theft alarm. It has received a 5-star certification for quality and safety. It’s a hassle-free journey without requiring a driver’s license, and a 4-hour charge period guarantees little downtime. Its low power usage makes it an environmentally responsible option, while its central locking and remote key provide additional security.

Top 3 features for you

Product NameRange (Km)DisplayCharging Time
Chetak Urbane 2024 Electric Scooter by Bajaj Auto113Remote Key, Anti-Theft Alarm, IP 67-rated BLDC Hub motor3-4 Hours
Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX Galactic Grey1123 drive modes, Portable battery pack, USB charging point6-7 hours
EOX E1 Electric Scooter80Color LCD Display, Digital speedometer, touch-sensitive switches3-4 Hours
Yugbike Electric Scooter with Steel Guard50Remote Key, Anti-Theft Alarm, IP 67 rated BLDC Hub motor5-6 Hours
High-Resolution Display, Auto Cut Charging System70-75Digital Dashboard, Tubeless Tyres, Remote Key4-5 Hours
Ather 450X Gen 41503.7kWh Battery, Lithium Ion Batteries3-4 Hours
Flex by Kinetic Green Electric Scooter120Smart Multi-Colour Digital Display, Alloy Rims3-4 Hours
Wroley 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter75Fast Charging, Lithium-ion Battery3-4 Hours
Okay FREEDUM Electric Scooter80LED Display, Hydraulic Suspension5 Hours
Dolphin Electric Scooter Keagle120Remote Key, Central Locking, Anti-Theft Alarm4 Hours

Best value for money electric scooter

With its affordable ex-showroom pricing, three driving modes, portable battery pack, and substantial storage capacity, the Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX Galactic Grey stands out as the finest value for money. Its combination of functionality and price makes it a desirable option for those on a tight budget looking for dependable electric scooters.

Best overall electric scooter

The greatest product in the portfolio overall is the Ather 450X Gen 4. It offers a better riding experience because of its strong 3.7kWh lithium-ion battery, remarkable certified range of 150 km, and cutting-edge features. With its cutting-edge technology, the Ather 450X is a great option for tech aficionados seeking the best performance and innovation available in the electric scooter industry.

How to find the best electric scooter

Think about features like USB ports and digital displays, range, charging time, and brand reputation when selecting the best electric scooter. Make sure the scooter’s range is appropriate for the amount of everyday travel you intend to do. If you want to use the scooter much, be mindful of the time and infrastructure available for charging. To evaluate a product’s dependability and effectiveness in the real world, read user reviews and professional perspectives from reliable tech websites like The Verge. Make sure the scooter’s appearance, functionality, and other aspects suit your tastes. To make an educated choice, lastly, compare costs and warranty coverage.

Chetak Urbane 2024 Electric Scooter by Bajaj Auto – with Charger – Brooklyn Black₹1.2L3
Ampere Electric Scooter Magnus EX Galactic Grey (Advance Booking for Ex-Showroom)₹989002.9
EOX E1 Electric Scooter | Non-RTO | 80 Km/Charge | Battery 28AH 72V Lead Acid Battery Eco-Friendly Electric Scooter Please Call on for Further Query 7065143030 (Black)₹72999
Yugbike Electric Scooter with Steel Guard|60V Lead acid Battery | Runs Approx. 50 km on one Charge | Non RTO | Single Disc Brake | Reverse Feature |Adult₹694993.4
Okaya FREEDUM Electric Scooter (Advance Booking for Ex-Showroom) | 70-75 km Range Per Charge | Grey (Portable Charger)₹758993.5
Ather 450X Gen 4 | 2 Wheeler Electric SC00TER| Lithium Ion Batteries | Certified Range 150 Km₹1.4L
Yugbike Electric Scooter with Steel Guard|60V Lead-acid Battery | Runs Approx. 50 km on one Charge | Non RTO | Single Disc Brake | Reverse Feature |Adult₹1.0L
Wroley 2 Wheeler Electric Scooter | Battery 60V/30Ah | Cells Lithium-ion | Dimensions 1820 * 730 * 1150mm | Model Platina | Color Red₹85600
EOX Delivery Electric Scooter for Long Range Delivery | Runs 80 Km per Full Charge, 60V 28Ah Lead Acid Battery LED Display with Hydraulic Suspension (Black)₹729993.5
Flex by Kinetic Green Electric Scooter – 120 km Range in one Charge – Top Speed 72 mph – (with PortableCharger) (Pearl White)
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