2024 Kia Sonet Facelift Expected Vs Actual Price Reaction

Nishant D

To determine how close—or not—we were to our projected pricing, we will examine the launch prices of the Kia Sonet and compare them with our estimates in this article. This will enable us to comprehend Kia’s pricing strategy and that of other future vehicles in this price bracket with comparable body styles.

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Expected vs Launch Price Comparison

We had anticipated that the basic edition of the Sonet would launch at a price of over Rs. 8.0 lakh ex-showroom and we were not too far off—the launch price fell short by only Rs. 1,000. In actuality, two of our projections for the three models with the 1.2L regular gasoline engine were accurate.

All three varieties of the turbo petrol-ACMT engine, including the most economical turbo petrol-automatic model, were within a tolerable margin of error (<5% deviation). Although the higher 2 turbo petrol-automatic powertrains had a margin of departure of less than 5% as well, the difference was more than 4%.

The first issue with the diesel manual variations is the HTK trim. In one case, we were wrong by almost 5%, but other results were still well within acceptable bounds. One variation of the diesel-ACMT powertrain met the predicted price as closely as possible, while the other barely allowed us to pass.


We were barely near enough to pass with the diesel-automatic powertrains as well.

VariantsExpected PriceDifferenceLaunch PriceDeviationResult*
1.2L Normal Petrol-Manual
HTERs. 8,00,000(Rs. 1,000)Rs. 7,99,0000.13%✔✔✔
HTKRs. 9,00,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 8,79,0002.39%
HTK PlusRs. 9,90,000(Rs. 100)Rs. 9,89,9000.01%✔✔✔
1.0L Turbo Petrol-Auto-Clutch Manual
HTK PlusRs. 10,70,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 10,49,0001.96%
HTXRs. 11,70,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 11,49,0001.79%
HTX PlusRs. 13,00,000Rs. 39,000Rs. 13,39,0003.0%
1.0L Turbo Petrol-Automatic (7DCT)
HTXRs. 12,50,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 12,29,0001.68%
GTX PlusRs. 13,90,000Rs. 59,900Rs. 14,49,9004.31%
X-LineRs. 14,00,000Rs. 69,000Rs. 14,69,0004.93%
1.5L Turbo Diesel-Manual
HTERs. 10,00,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 9,79,0002.1%
HTKRs. 11,00,000(Rs. 61,000)Rs. 10,39,0005.55%
HTK PlusRs. 11,70,000(Rs. 31,000)Rs. 11,39,0002.65%
HTXRs. 12,20,000(Rs. 21,000)Rs. 11,99,0001.72%
HTX PlusRs. 13,50,000Rs. 19,000Rs. 13,69,0001.41%
1.5L Turbo Diesel-Auto-Clutch Manual
HTXRs. 12,60,000(Rs. 100)Rs. 12,59,9000.01%✔✔✔
HTX PlusRs. 13,80,000Rs. 59,000Rs. 14,39,0004.28%
1.5L Turbo Diesel-Automatic (6TC)
1.5L Turbo Diesel-Automatic (6TC)
HTXRs. 13,40,000(Rs. 41,000)Rs. 12,99,0003.06%
GTX PlusRs. 14,90,000Rs. 59,900Rs. 15,49,9004.02%
X-LIneRs. 15,00,000Rs. 69,000Rs. 15,69,0004.6%

Price Reaction

Let’s take a closer look at the launch and anticipated costs now.

1.2L Normal Petrol-MT– With two differences, this powertrain version is the most accurate. Although we accurately predicted the costs of the HTE and HTK Plus, Kia surprised us with the pricing of the HTK, which was almost Rs. 20,000 less than we had anticipated, for the mid-model. This means that for those who purchase the Sonet 1.2L, it is an excellent value option.

1.0L Turbo Petrol-ACMT – On the plus side, we experienced a variation of less than 2% for the turbo-auto-clutch models. That is to say, consumers who assess pricing based on our expectations would be happy to see a decrease in cost. The HTX Plus version, however, exceeded our projections by a significant 3%. In our opinion, not a disaster, but also not a great result.

1.0L Turbo Petrol-Auto (7DCT) – Kia priced the HTX grade with the petrol automatic at Rs. 20,000 less than we had anticipated. However, the ADAS-equipped models easily outperformed the Rs. 15.0 lakh price limit as well as our initial estimates.

1.5L Turbo Diesel-MT – Except for the Sonet diesel’s HTK trim, the other variants largely agreed with our estimates, with occasional variations of a few percentage points. Kia currently offers a car around Rs. 10.0 lakh with the base diesel type, while the other trim levels aim to entice the customer to upgrade to the pricier, auto-clutch option if at all feasible. Specifically, if you check at the HTX diesel-ACMT, you’ll note that this trim only costs around Rs. 60,000 extra, even if it adds a few exclusive features and the convenience of auto-clutch.

1.5L Turbo Diesel-ACMT With all the capabilities you need and several nice-to-have extras reserved for the more costly HTX Plus trim, the HTX appears to be the diesel-ACMT variation to purchase. Although the diesel HTX model lacks alloy wheels, a full-colour LCD instrument cluster, a premium Bose sound system, and bigger infotainment, I still think it’s a good thing that the front seats are ventilated. As a result, you essentially receive all of the functionality of the Sonet’s previous GTX Plus edition at a cheaper price.

1.5L Turbo Diesel-Auto (6TC)- The less expensive HTX trim of the diesel-automatic model was around Rs. 40,000 less than what we had anticipated. That means that it costs just Rs. 40,000 more than the HTX diesel-ACMT. That seems like a ridiculous price for such a fully loaded Sonet model. even after accounting for the additional Rs. 20,000–25,000 for the ACMT compared to the full manual. The price difference of Rs. 60,000–65,000 over a full manual is just outrageous in terms of value.


ariant1.2L Petrol MT1.0L Turbo Petrol ACMT1.0L Turbo Petrol Auto1.5L Turbo Diesel MT1.5L Diesel ACMT1.5L Diesel Auto
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