Honda Stylo 160 Launch Date In India & Price: Engine, Design, Features

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2024 Honda Stylo 160 The much-awaited Honda Stylo 160 scooter, featuring a powerful 160cc motor, is about to make its big debut in the Indian market. Indian consumers have a great deal of love for Honda motorbikes because of their outstanding performance and attractive designs. The Honda Stylo 160 is now prepared to wow motorcycle enthusiasts in India, having made a triumphant debut in Indonesia. This latest addition to the Honda portfolio offers an exciting riding experience with its eye-catching looks and amazing amenities.

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Honda Stylo 160 Launch Date In India (Expected)

Honda Stylo 160 Launch Date In India There is still no official word from Honda on the debut date of this appealing scooter in India, despite its recent launch in Indonesia. The firm has not yet given any specific dates on when Indian customers might anticipate seeing this fashionable scooter on their streets.

Some media sources suggest that there are conjectures regarding the Honda Stylo 160’s potential introduction to the Indian market in December 2024. It’s crucial to remember that Honda has not verified these rumors, even if they provide an approximate launch date.

Given the Honda Stylo 160’s enticing style, features, and read, there is justifiable anticipation for its debut in India. Everywhere it travels, this scooter draws attention because of its sleek and contemporary appearance. It assures riders of a smooth and delightful ride thanks to its powerful engine and cutting-edge technologies.

Indian consumers avidly follow any developments from Honda about when the Stylo 160 will formally go on sale. Until then, aficionados should follow reputable sources for information and keep an eye out for any announcements from Honda or approved dealerships.


Honda Stylo 160 Price In India (Expected)

Honda Stylo 160 Price In India Power and elegance are combined on the Honda Stylo 160 scooter. Enthusiasts have taken notice of it because of its strong engine and appealing appearance. But as of right moment, no official information is available. As Honda has not yet introduced the Stylo 160 in India, no information on its cost has been made public. On the other hand, other rumors that are making the rounds in the industry state that this scooter should cost between ₹85,000 and ₹1,25,000 in India.

It’s crucial to remember that these costs are only estimates and might change once Honda makes an official announcement. The ultimate cost will be determined by several variables, including taxes, import levies (if any), and another state of the market at the time of release.

The Honda Stylo 160 is generating excitement among potential owners who are anxiously anticipating its debut in Indian dealerships, even though it does not yet have an official price tag. Its potent performance and fashionable appearance make it a desirable option for anyone seeking a high-end scooter experience.

Honda Stylo 160 Design

Honda Stylo 160 Design It is difficult to remain unimpressed. This scooter will turn heads on the road because of its sleek and athletic style. This scooter’s LED headlights and taillights, which not only offer superior visibility but also give it a more contemporary appearance, are among its most notable characteristics. The Honda Stylo 160 is furnished with LED lighting as well as a digital instrument cluster that offers all the information required at a look. When using this scooter, you can effortlessly monitor everything, including your speed and fuel level.

The alloy wheels of the Honda Stylo 160 are another noteworthy feature. These wheels improve the bike’s overall appearance and help it handle and stabilize better on a variety of surfaces. Honda’s telescopic forks on this scooter ensure a smooth and pleasant ride even on uneven terrain.

Honda has done all possible. Riders may select from an extensive array of colors on the Honda Stylo 160. There is a shade for everyone, whether you like bright, vivid colors or softer hues.

Honda Stylo 160 Engine

Honda Stylo 160 Engine One of the Honda Stylo 160’s most notable characteristics is its engine. This scooter’s 160cc fuel-injected engine, which complies with BS6 regulations, guarantees a strong performance on the road. Riders can anticipate an amazing 15 BHP and 14 Nm of torque from this engine.

The efficiency of the engine of the Honda Stylo 160 is one of its main benefits. This scooter has great mileage despite its power, so users may go long distances without worrying about stopping frequently to refill. Riders should anticipate between 45 and 60 kilometers per liter on average.

The overall performance and smoothness of the Honda Stylo 160’s engine are additionally enhanced by its fuel-injected technology. This scooter has the best power delivery and responsiveness because the amount of gasoline fed into the combustion chamber is perfectly controlled.

It’s important to remember that the Honda Stylo 160’s engine was built with dependability in mind in addition to its technical specs. For riders who appreciate high-quality engineering, this scooter, which was constructed by one of the top manufacturers in the business, guarantees longevity and durability.

Overall, the Honda Stylo 160 stands out as a dependable option for individuals wanting both performance and efficiency in their two-wheeler, thanks to its BS6-compliant fuel-injected engine that produces an exceptional power output and great mileage.

Honda Stylo 160 Specifications

Scooter NameHonda Stylo 160
Honda Stylo 160 Launch Date In IndiaDecember 2024 (Expected)
Honda Stylo 160 Price In India₹85,000 To ₹1,25,000 (Estimated)
Engine 160cc Fuel-injected Engine
Power15 BHP
Torque 14 Nm
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Fuel Tank Capacity5 Litres 
Features LED headlights and taillights, USB charging port, digital instrument cluster, keyless start, optional idling stop system  
Wheels14″ Alloy
Honda Stylo 160 Specifications

Honda Stylo 160 Features

Honda Stylo 160 Features There’s no letting down with the Honda Stylo 160. This scooter stands out from the competition because of its abundance of strong and cutting-edge features. Let’s examine some of these remarkable aspects in more detail.

First off, the Honda Stylo 160’s headlights are made to shine brightly, guaranteeing a safe ride even in dimly lit areas. In addition to improving visibility, the LED taillights at the back give the scooter’s entire look a stylish touch.

This scooter is equipped with a digital instrument cluster that gives riders instant access to all the important information they require. This sleek and easy-to-use digital display simply shows everything from trip meter readings to speed and fuel level.

Alloy wheels are another noteworthy addition. They not only improve the vehicle’s overall appearance but also its performance by being lighter and more robust. Better handling and stability on a variety of road surfaces are made possible by these wheels.

Honda fitted the Stylo 160 with a telescopic fork suspension system to provide comfortable rides over lumps and uneven ground. This sophisticated suspension system efficiently absorbs shocks, giving riders increased comfort while traveling.

Additionally, features like a smart key system that enables simple access without fumbling for keys take care of convenience. Riders can conveniently charge their smartphones while on the way with the help of a handy USB charging connector.

This scooter’s two trip meters make it simple for users to keep track of their mileage for either personal or professional use. Moreover, eco mode enables customers to maximize fuel efficiency by modifying certain parameters for more comfortable journeys while consuming less gasoline.


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